Temperature -15.2 °C
Wind E @ 0 to 0 km/h
Baro Pressure 100.7 kPa
Precipitation 0.0 mm today
Lightning 0 counts today
Thursday February 14 08:50

Frequently Asked Questions


Where within Calgary is Wx.Ca located?
Wx.Ca Location
Wx.Ca is in the community of Strathcona Park, 8km due west of the Calgary Tower. See the red marker on the map to the right.
Environment Canada's readings are taken at Calgary International Airport, just visible in the northeast corner.
Canada Olympic Park is on the west edge of the map between 16 Ave NW and highway 563.
The map is supplied by Google and is live. Try dragging inside the map.


Why are there sometimes lightning counts shown when lightning seem pretty unlikely?
The lightning sensor seems to be amazingly sensitive. In the winter, when our home is dry, the sensor on the roof often detects static electricity sparks we get on the main floor, two stories below. As far as I know, in the summer the counts shown do indicate lightning, but perhaps tens of kilometers away.
It snowed a lot one day, but the precipitation counter didn't move. Then, a couple of days later it was sunny all day but significant precipitation was shown. What's up?
This one is pretty easy - no heater in the rain guage. In freezing weather, the precipitaion doesn't show up until it melts.